Rony Prasetyo

"Art is the way to express my emotion, my thoughts and ideas. Art is my way to communicate with others"

Born: Karang Anyar 11 May 1995

Studies: Institute of Art Solo

Works: Rony is a naïve painter , who paints like a child . How he visualize his thoughts and ideas in to objects look like the objects in the children story book. His painting is mostly about his daily life and people surrounding him.


  • 2012 Hajar Bakar, Kepatihan Art Space Solo
  • 2013 Complications Syndrom, Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah Solo
  • 2015 Art Concortium #2, Gedung Seni Rupa Murni ISI Surakarta
  • 2017 Sikat Sekat, Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah Solo

About the Artist

Rony, a painter who lives in Solo jawa Tengah Indonesia, is till in his final semester in Institute of Art Solo. He has already joined several group exhibitions in his city, Solo. His artworks are mostly inspired by the social phenomenon that occurred surrounding him. Often Rony use animal as his artworks objects as animals also represent the human character.

Need to Know:

  • The most memorable exhibition for Rony was when he joined 'Complication Syndrome Exhibition" in Taman Budaya Solo, where many painters from around Indonesia gather to exhibit their artworks here.