Rudragaud L Indi
Born in 1979
The serenity and spellbinding beauty of nature stimulates me, while the socio-political issues saddens me… but both inspire me
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About the Artist
Rudra is a Bengaluru based artist whose works are a commentary on the lack of attention given to vital issues in today’s society and environment at large. He expresses his interactions with nature and society creatively as paintings and sculptures. His fantasy-scapes are inspired by the rapid urbanization that has swept the country with the co-existence of the past and the present in any Indian metropolis today and the destruction to nature caused in the process. Rudra has been hugely exploratory with his medium of works. He has experimented using different materials like irregular shaped canvases, irregular frames, canvas cloths, steel sheets, handmade paper with acrylic colour and other media that excited him. He has won multiple awards and has been a highly regarded artist with numerous solo shows and events to his name. Art lovers at various shows and fairs have expressed appreciation of his creativity, style, presentation and colours.
Contemporary, Surrealism
Acrylic, Canvas, Paper, Watercolour
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