Sandhya Wadhwani
Born in 1963
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      About the Artist
      Sandhya is an Indian artist whose first foray into art started with making 40-foot murals for schools in Delhi, Jaipur and Kolkata, which turned out to be the encouragement she had been looking for to pursue her passion. From there, her artworks earned her various spots at art exhibitions in Mumbai, Malaysia and Singapore. Her move to Singapore provided her the opportunity to explore other mediums and elements of painting. Watercolours and oils paints became her chosen media in creating bright and cheerful works. Through her choice of bright colors, Sandhya showcases her love for life, spontaneity and zest for creativity. All the colours chosen by Sandhya are reflections of her life experiences, personal triumphs and joys; and every art piece created mirrors her mood and style. Adopting oils as her medium of art was a perfect pick as Sandhya could now add layers of expression to every painting. Fun Fact: Sandhya is an ardent trekker and adventurer, and her love for nature is well represented in her art.
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