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Santhosh C H
Born in 1983
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      About the Artist

      Santhosh is an Indian Abstract artist. His latest series of works carry the message - ‘Global Warming is a Warning’ and is an amalgamation of various emotions and situations faced by humans and all other living things on earth today. His abstract works are illustrated with deep contradictions in terms of colours, strokes, textures and so on. There is a presence of the colour black through most of his paintings, very cleverly intertwined with bright colours. This coal or black colour depicts burnt items, which in turn portrays quashed dreams, memories and long dead life in an environmental destruction context. The bright colours mark hope and aspiration in spite of everything that is happening around us. Santhosh uses art as a metaphor to depict the growing concern about environmental issues and how we should take steps to protect current life forms and preserve our earth for the future generations to enjoy its beauty and vibrancy.

      Abstract, Contemporary
      Acrylic, Canvas, Printing
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