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Sapna Anand
Born in 1977
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      About the Artist
      Sapna Anand is an Indian contemporary artist whose artistic journey began a few years back when she embarked on the adventure of self actualisation. A management graduate by qualification, she is grateful that Art found her. She finds solace and purpose in being involved in the creative process. Everything around her becomes a muse and offers inspiration. As as artist, she is intensely aware of the inner dialogue and this she believes has set her on a path of self exploration; a journey to the innermost quarters of her mind. Her artworks are metaphorical and present the contradictions of our being. Sapna strongly believes that the situations that we are presented with and our consequent response is as distinct as our mind – this forms the central subject of many of her works. She paints from the real world but not the real world. Her simplistic outlook towards the world reflects in her works where complex objects and scenes are represented as simple forms and colour becomes the distinctive vocabulary. An avid reader, she finds inspiration in her readings apart from the past recollections and memories. She feels that our life echoes our past experiences and memories and that’s what defines us. She’s had the opportunity to learn from leading national and international artists through various workshops and interactions. She’s gained insight into the history of art through courses offered by MOMA and School of Art Institute of Chicago. She paints in acrylic and oil. she has exhibited in national and international exhibitions and fairs.
      Abstract, Contemporary
      Acrylic, Board, Canvas, Ink, Pen, Pen & Ink, Pencil
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