Sathya Gowthaman

Sathya Gowthaman

Born in 1973

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120cm x 90cm
Aham Brahmasmi
61cm x 61cm
1,500 USD
2,022 SGD
About the Artist



About the Artist: 

Sathya Gowthaman is an Indian contemporary realism artist. A keen lover of portraits, and mostly self-taught, Satya acquired her diploma in Western Arts from NAFA-Singapore. Sathya has experimented with many different mediums but has found her home in Oil.


Born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, India, known for its ancient temples and their magnificent architecture, Sathya grew up in awe of the Chola bronzes that adorn these temples. The architecture of the Chola Temples and their beauty fascinated her. This enchantment instigated in her, a drive to bring awareness on the lost sculptures of the Chola period through her series-“Sculptures on Canvas”. 

Contemporary Realism
Mostly oil, Mixed Media
    • - Certificate of Appreciation, Gnani Arts Exhibition, Gautama Buddha

    • - Maestro Illayaraaja’s Melody on Canvas-Online program, June 2020, Gnani Arts Gallery •
    • - No fear , Ganesha Art is here- August 2020, Gnani Arts Gallery.
    • - Online Painting Workshop with Senior Artists, Gnani Arts, 2020

    • - Goddesses of Mythology in Art , Gnani arts Gallery, Singapore
    • - Art Stage, Singapore

    • - Affordable Art fair , Singapore
    • - Art Stage, Singapore
    • - Gautama Buddha Exhibition, Gnani Arts Gallery, Singapore

    • - Affordable Art fair , Singapore
    • - Charity Art fair at Ramakrishna Mission, Singapore
    • - Tatinis , Singapore

    • - Affordable Art fair , Singapore
    • - India Art Fair, Mumbai

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