Saumya Bandyopadhyay

Saumya Bandyopadhyay

Born in 1975

I draw my inspiration from the BULL and illustrate them as acknowledgment, recognition and affirmation to those bulls who passed on before they had their chance at life’

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Bull #3
30cm x 42cm
245 USD
334 SGD
Bull #4
30cm x 42cm
245 USD
334 SGD
Bull #5
30cm x 42cm
245 USD
334 SGD
Bull #6
30cm x 42cm
245 USD
334 SGD
Bull #7
30cm x 42cm
245 USD
334 SGD
Bull Beautiful #1 Bull Beautiful #1
Bull Beautiful #1
138cm x 122cm
Bull Beautiful #4
138cm x 121cm
2,645 USD
3,603 SGD
Bull Beautiful #2
122cm x 138cm
2,645 USD
3,603 SGD
Flying Bull Flying Bull
Flying Bull
92cm x 76cm
1,500 USD
2,043 SGD
About the Artist

Saumya Bandyopadhyay is an established Indian contemporary artist known for his bold and expressive language on canvas. Hailing from Kolkata, the pioneering city of Indian renaissance, where art is an integral part of society, Saumya was exposed to the beautiful sculptures and attractive architecture early on, which developed a curiosity in him and led him to take up a career in Art ; Saumya strongly feels that ‘Saumya the artist’ is but a product of this environment.

The Bull - The mighty Enchanter, is his latest series of works. Saumya’s canvas is the recognition, tribute and acknowledgment to the bulls and bull calves who passed on before a promising circumstance or couldn't show up in this world at all due to birth impediments or manipulation with sexed semen. The shortfall of available business areas for bulls has made it more affordable to kill bull calves rather than raise them to healthy bulls, thus creating the off-kilter fall in bull population on the planet. 

Bulls hold a pastoral significance in history. This majestic creature has been one of the earliest references to livestock in art. Its magnificent wide curving horns and its prominent dewlap, richly adds to its agile line and remarkable approach. Saumya’s illustration of bull, with the signature curves of its head, prominent hump of its back, energised depictions of its propulsion and thrust, and the color palette believably uncommon - drives an unparalleled imagery of enchanting beauty and charm. His works styled with fantasy, is filled with various dimensions of dreamlike imagery.

Saumya’s works have been exhibited at several group and solo shows across India and gained high praises. 

Semi Figurative/Contemporary
Canvas, Charcoal, Mixed Media, Oil
    • - "1st Prize"College of Art | New Delhi

    • - "Pradosh Dasgupta Memorial Award cum Scholarship" | College of art, New Delhi | 2001 "College Award"

    • - Govt. College of Art & craft | Kolkata

    • - "Sunil Das Scholarship" Govt. College of Art & craft | Kolkata

    • - "Certificate of Merit" Govt. College of Art & craft | Kolkata

    • - 079 Stories, Group show, Amedabad
    • - 079 Stories, Online sales, Amedabad

    • - Two man show, Gallery Art laureate, New Delhi
    • - The Renaissance Art Studio, Pune

    • - Group show at Hotel Taj Bengal by The Verandah, Kolkata| 2006

    • - "Camlin Art competition” New Delhi
    • - AIFACS annual exhibition, New Delhi
    • - "Camlin Art competition” New Delhi

    • - Group Show Sponsored by Domus Art Gallery, New Delhi
    • - "Graduation Show" of College of Art New Delhi

    • - Group Show "SENSATION" Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
    • - M.F.A. Group Show (College of Art) in Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi

    • - Annual Exhibition of College of Art, New Delhi
    • - Annual Exhibition of AIFACS, New Delhi

    • - 3 Man Show sponsored by Alternative Art Gallery, Kolkata

    • - Annual Exhibition of Govt. College of Art & craft, Kolkata

    • - Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad

    • - Malaka Spice Art gallery, Pune

    • - Raja Ravi Varma art Gallery, Pune, India
    • - Online Exhibition in Indian art Collectors

    • - Gallery Art laureate, New Delhi

    • - Icon Art Gallery, Hyderabad
    • - Triveni kala Sangam, New Delhi
    • - AIP –Show - sponsored by Gallery-G, Bangalore

    • - My Albums- sponsored by Ayya Art Gallery, Chennai

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