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Shrea Ghosh
Born in 1984
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About the Artist

Shrea Ghosh is an Indian contemporary artist and a recipient of several awards. Her works are unique and intricate with a modern twist to deep emotions. She believes that colors enhance the clarity of dissolving thoughts and the randomness of a life that is fleeting and unpredictable. Melancholy is her favorite subject and is underscored in every brush stroke very distinctly. The colors in her works are well employed to communicate the emotional graph that is experienced in a personal sphere. Simply pondering on her works can lend renewed feelings and positivity.

Shrea has marked her presence in both the national and international art arena. Her enthusiasm to discuss and deliberate on varied outlooks of arts is well-regarded in the art circles. She has been an integral part of many exhibitions in Kolkata, Mumbai, NewDelhi, Ujjain and Indonesia. Being a part of Young painter’s exhibition has been a regular ritual for Shreya Ghosh.

Contemporary, Figurative
Acrylic, Board, Canvas, Paper, Watercolour
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