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Soneo Santoso
Born in 1977
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      About the Artist
      Soneo is an Indonesian Expressionist painter. His paintings are perceptive with hidden narratives, quick and painterly brush strokes and use of colours based on emotions. Soneo’s representation of the world is not necessarily objective, but veritably a unique illustration of his innermost thoughts. Raised by a single mother, Soneo had a tough and impoverished childhood. Nevertheless, adversity and privation were great teachers and only strengthened his resolve to devote his energies to the creative process of painting. Soneo’s works seek to expand our empathy and internal awareness, enabling us to become collaborative and respond more thoughtfully to social and environmental issues. Fun Fact: Soneo is also a mural artist and enjoys conducting interesting painting workshops to experiment with various styles and genres. Soneo is greatly inspired by the works of Gerhard Richter, the German visual artist.
      Contemporary, Impressionism
      Acrylic, Canvas
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