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Sony Hendrawan
Born in 1986
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      About the Artist

      Sonny Hendrawan is an Indonesian illustrator and artist who graduated from the Indonesian Institute of Art in Solo. He has partaken in several art exhibitions across various Indonesian cities and internationally in Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and Italy.

      His works are mostly multi-dimensional and his subjects are centered upon, but not limited to, daily life, world news and unique phenomenon. Sonny has an introspective personality and his artistic inspiration comes from childhood memories, his immediate surroundings, his subconscious mind and so on. By painting, he wishes to fantasise freely without any limitation or restrictions. Sonny finds peace in painting, akin to performing a religious ritual.

      Fun Fact: Sonny is also a mural painter and performance artist.

      Contemporary, Surrealism
      Acrylic, Canvas, Ink, Paper
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