Sri Lestari Pujihastuti

Sri Lestari Pujihastuti

Born in 1979

Art is a part of life that expresses the artist's personal experiences, through the colors and ideas that are embodied on the canvas and embedded with prayers and hopes for the future.

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Happy Couple
100cm x 80cm
2,400 USD
3,217 SGD
2,400 USD
3,217 SGD
100cm x 80cm
2,400 USD
3,217 SGD
Take It Slow
100cm x 80cm
2,400 USD
3,217 SGD
About the Artist

 Sri Lestari Pujihastuti or familiarly called "Tutik", is a self-taught artist with a cheerful and colorful painting style with the characteristic of 'little fairies' that are always present in her works. These fairies symbolize prayers and hopes for good things in life and in the universe. Themes around nature with bright colors and figures of girls, trees and animals bring a refreshing nuance and energy. Some great artists who influenced Tutik were Henri Rosseau from France and Widayat from Indonesia.  

Acrylic on canvas
    • - "Bertumbuh", SMSR Gallery, Yogyakarta

    • - 100+9 Perempuan, "Terkadang Kita Lupa", Pendhapa Art Space, Yogyakarta

    • - "Melegen", SMSR Gallery, Yogyakarta
    • - "Bunga Api", MJK Artbase, Yogyakarta

    • - "Konco Kenthel", SMSR Gallery, Yogyakarta
    • - "Bibir Merah", Madiun

    • - "Balancing", Liman Jawi Gallery, Borobudur, Magelang, Indonesia
    • - "Sawang Sinawang", Museum dan Tanah Liat, Yogyakarta

    • - "Titimangsa", RSS, Yogyakarta
    • - "Kami Tetep", Tembi Art and Cultural House, Yogyakarta

    • - "Woman Lead", Jogja Village Inn, Yogyakarta

    • - International Dragon Kite Festival, Parangkusumo beach, Yogyakarta

    • - Art exhibtion, Kedai Kebuh Forum, Yogyakarta

    • - "17th August, Indonesia Indpendence Day", Gang Ontoseno, Yogyakarta

    • - Lifestyle Hotel, Surabaya

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