Sriyadi Srinthil

“Art is very important in life as it is a person’s honest expression.”

Born: Sleman, 7 March 1969

Education: University in Yogyakarta

Style: Realism

Medium: Oil on Canvas, Acrylic on Canvas, Acrylic on Paper, Pastel Colour on Paper

About the Artist:

Sriyadi Srinthil is an Indonesian realism artist who effectively constructs social criticism in his artworks through various visual objects. Sriyadi is a natural born artist with a graduate degree in Philosophy. Consequently, he has successfully integrated philosophical concepts into all his artworks. 

Srinthil focuses on realism with his subjects being women, children, landscape and still life. Many of his works feature the simple lives of village children, and showcase how they are able to enjoy their lives despite their poverty, as opposed to those in urban environments. Simplicity is key in his artworks – he presents still life, animals and portraits as they are, yet creating a strong narrative through them. His work is extremely detailed in their realism while keeping it light and easy to comprehend.

• Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
• Galangan VOC
• ARSLONGA Yogyakarta