Subir Dey

“Art is the notes of life’s journey”

Born: 6th April 1981

Education: B.F.A from Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata in 2005
M.F.A. from Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata in 2007

Style: Contemporary

Medium: Watercolor on Paper, Acrylic on Board

About the Artist:
Subir Dey is an Indian contemporary artist from Kolkata. Hailing from a humble background and growing up in the outskirts of Kolkata, life for Subir has been quite simple and enjoyable despite the hardships. Since childhood, he had great passion for art that egged him on to pursue his Master’s in Arts. He enjoys the transparency of water colours and is inspired by the colours of nature that reflects in his palette of choice, which is vibrant yet earthy, as he prefers using the primary hues. His works are inspired by nature, folk art and the city of Kolkata that he grew up in. His works reflect positivity and yet a sense of solitude that originates from his apprehensiveness about the ever changing world around us.

2020 “If Walls Could Speak”, ION Art Gallery, Singapore
• Society of Contemporary Artist Circle, Kolkata
• Academy of Fine Arts

2009-2015 Birla Academy Of Art And Culture, Kolkata
2008-2016 Academy of Fine Arts
2008-2010 Camel Art Exhibition Kolkata
2009 Annual Exhibition Birla Academy
• Annual Exhibition Birla Academy
• Signature Art Festival
• Scribble Art Exhibition
• West Bengal State Academy
• Shyamal Dutta Roy Memorial Exhibition
2007 Painted Delight, Birla Academy
2002-2007 AnnuaL Exhibition, Information Center
2002-2005 Annual Exhibition, G.C.A.C., Kolkata

Group Exhibition:    
2012 United Art Fair, New Delhi
2013 Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
• Gallery ShritiHyderbad
• The Vewing Room Gallery, Mumbai
• Vinayasa Art Gallery, Chennai
• Gallery Time & Space Bangalore
• Gallery 320 Delhi
• Gallery ICCR Kolkata
• Group Exhibition Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata
• Group Exhibition, Birla Academy
• Gallery ‘La Annaxi’ Paris
• Hotel Taz, Bangalore
• Gallery Exposure Kolkata
• Gallery Time & Space, Bangalore
• Group Exhibition, Ludhiyana
• Information Center
• Academy of Fine Arts
2004 ChitrakalaParisad, Kolkata
2003-2005 Bangalore

2015 Award from Academy of fine Arts
• Certificate of Merit from Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata
• Russian Council of Science and Culture
2009 Best Water Colour Award from Rajya Charu Kala Parshad
• The Best Water Colour Award from Society of Contemporary Artist Circle
• Gold Medal from Oriental Art Society
• The Certificate of Merit from Scribble Art Association in Hyderabad
2007 Certificate of Merit from Society of Contemporary Artist Circle

• The Certificate of Merit from G.C.A.C.
• The Best Water Colour Award from Information Center
• Shaibal Ghosh Memorial Scholarship from G.C.A.C.
• Certificate of Merit from Information Center

• Gopal Ghosh Memorial Scholarship from G.C.A.C
• Certificate of Merit from Information Center

Workshop by Eminent Japanese Ceramist at G.C.A.C.,Kolkata Org. by N.G.O Mukul 2009 Megmahouse (Kolkata) Org. by Megmagroup of Company 2010.

Ambuja Group, Megma Group Kolkata, Chitrakala Parisad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore,Bangladesh, Malayasia, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, U.S.A.&England.