Tohjaya Tono

Born: Madura 30 November 1969

Studies: Jakara Art Institution

Works: Tohjaya Tono does both painting on canvas and sketching on paper. He specializes on village farmer, fisherman life, village and bayshore view.


  • 2012 “P(L)E(I)SURE PRINCIPLE”, DNA Project Gallery Australia
  • 2011 Collaboration project with Indonesian migrant labor in Hong Kong
  • 2006 Gank Festival, Sidney Australia
  • 2006 Squast Festival Video Art, Sidney- Australia

About The Artist

Tono started to draw since he was a kid. He joins drawing class where he learned to draw on the spot, mostly in the nature. Tono was inspired by Affandi painting (a famous legend painter in Indonesia) from the books that he saw many times when he was teenager. In the beginning, Tono went to university majoring Public relation where he learned creative advertising. Then Tono got a job in a national newspaper company, as an art and design staff for a decade. After being a staff in news Paper Company, Tono went to Jakarta Institute of Art.

Tono moved to Jogjakarta, join a cultural foundation named Taring Padi (concern with social issue such as land conflict, labor rights) , Film Screening Community named Kinoki and developed an art community named Kidung Anak Negeri which collaborate with Indonesian Migran Labor. Tono ever stayed a couple of months in Hong Kong joining a movement collaborated with Indonesian labor there. Currently Tono draw more landscape and human as a picture of reality that he saw.

Need to Know:

  • After he went to Social Politic institution Jakarta (ISIP) majoring communication and also he ever joined design in INTERSTUDI Jakarta.
  • Tono is active in some movement community such as Taring Padi where Yogyakarta artists gather to critic corruption and injustice in Indonesia.
  • He also joint Kidung Anak Negri, the community of migrant labor in Indonesia.