Tri Anna P

“Art is the way to comprehend all that I see and feel in life”

Born: Magelang, 27 February 1981

Style: Surrealism

Medium: Ink on Paper, Pencil and Pastel on Paper

About the Artist:

Tri Anna P is an Indonesian neo-surrealist artist specialising in ink and pencil art. He learnt to paint from his father as a child, and he notes Salvador Dali and Indonesian artist Sudjojono as his major inspirations. 

A central theme in many of his pieces is fantasy and vivid imagination which he demonstrates through his extremely detailed work, full to the brim with motifs of winding stairs and imaginary castles. He cleverly infuses his art with daily objects and elements of music as well. Although fairytale-esque, the underlying subjects are often purposeful social and political commentaries on issues of authority, environmental degradation and so on.

Fun Fact: Tri Anna is a guitarist and a music lover.