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Venugopal V.G
Born in 1976
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About the Artist

VENUGOPAL V.G. is a well established, multi-disciplinary visual artist from India. His art practice during the last decade includes Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Installations, Video, Animation etc. Though he never intended to be anchored to any style, his works are largely figurative and developed from experiences and observations of the urban spaces and his own perceptions of the issues associated with it. The multicultural, cosmopolitan surroundings have been the major influence for his practice in general, with an emphasis on the uncertain, fragile characters of present day urban society.

His recent works are attempts of a critical engagement with the place and time we live-in; his evolving alternative approaches in dealing with questions we ask ourself about changing facets of human relations and sensibilities, issues related to displacement, migration and struggle for identity in the present context. He uses traces of narrative realism combined with the surreal imagery, metaphors, variations in scale and repetition as the devices to achieve the desired results.

Artist Venugopal believes that a work of art should live in the ‘present’. Along with the aesthetic and conceptual values it processes, it should make people think and ponder.

Abstract, Contemporary
Acrylic, Canvas, Paper, Pastels, Watercolour
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