Yustoni Volunteero

"Art is the fate and path of his life."

Born: Semarang, 14 June 1970

Education: Art Institution of Yogyakarta

Works: Toni's painting are with bright colors and childlike. He paints in such a way that it looks as if a child has painted.

  • 2002 Silvermine Gallery Adelaide, Australia
  • 2015 David Gallery Los Angeles, USA
  • 2004 Kunsthaus, Dresden, Germany
  • 2004 Indonesia House, Amsterdam, Holland
  • 2004 German Indonesian Cultural Institute, Berlin, German
  • 2004 German - Indonesian Cologne, Cologne, German
  • 2001 Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne Australia,

About the Artist

Yustoni is a naïf expressionist painter who lives in Yogyakarta. He joined Art Institution of Yogyakarta and majored in Fine Art, he had first joined the Accountant academy but later chose to follow his heart. His interest in art is inherited from his father, who was a musician in his town. Yustoni's interest in art had manifested since when he was a child, when he joined a painting class which was mentored by a famous local painter at that time in his hometown. Yustony likes the thoughts and visual strategy of Michael Basquiat who mixes several elements such as collage. He also likes the idea of ink mixing technique and the choosing of bright colors. He feels satisfied to create this kind of artwork, where the artwork can also be the daily diary for the painter. Most of his paintings visualize the dream of a harmonic life.

Toni paints because he likes to share stories, experiences and positive energy with others through his paintings. According to him painting can also be a media for learning.

He also joined charity event by doing art installation to help cancer patients that was held by YAYASAN KURSI PUTIH.