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Trinetra X
Contemporary art by Dr. Roma Madan-Soni

Style : Contemporary

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

Dimension : 60cm x 90cm

Year of Artwork : 2021

Origin : Kuwait

Category : Paintings

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Dr. Roma Madan-Soni
Roma Madan-Soni is an artist, art historian and researcher from India. Her art, teaching, and resea...
"The brilliant Sri Pramono’s Reading Nature’s Signs #2 is a complex and meaningful abstract that reminds us of a universal method to every madness. The subtle colors used - a far cry from the hues that usually portray nature - all blend in perfect harmony to indicate a flow that takes in everything, no matter how diverse. Thanks to MayinArt for highlighting the works of such prolific artists."
Girish Anthur & Sushee Menon
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