Lore of a Very Beautiful Place #2: Land of the Dragons

Surrealism art by Elisa Faustina

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Style : Surrealism
Medium : Acrylic paint, oil paint, spray paint on Canvas
Dimension : 150cm x 180cm
Year of Artwork : 2024
Origin : Indonesia
Category : Paintings

Artwork Description

 | This artwork is a creative fantasy derived from the spiritual belief of a very beautiful place—a place beyond any current human comprehension, if such a creation ever existed, wherever it is. From a very young age, I was exposed to many tales of such a Promised Land: Eden, Shangri-La, Xanadu; Utopia. Those places are synonymous with a very precious thing for human collectives, which is 'hope.' Thanks to the hope of a better condition, an ideal one, humans can continue to thrive in life. Because of its spiritual origin, this artwork is inspired by symbols that can be found in shrines or worship sites, such as Tibetan folk symbols, Chinese Buddhism symbols, and Indonesian Kejawen symbols. The second continuation of this work is about the Land of the Dragons, where they would roam up to the sky with their radiating energy. They’d live in a rainbow-colored place. Uplifting energy would be their gift for their kind friends when visited.


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Elisa Faustina
Elisa Faustina
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  • I am amazed with Uswarman’s work on and decided to put his works in our new office at Third Pillar in Manila. Love the MayinArt site and what they bring specially at the prices they offer for such great works
    Jennie Ligones, President and CEO of Third Pillar

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