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Mayin; the giver of soul, the life giver. One who provides life, conjuring up the living.

What does it mean to be living? Our senses help perceive the world around us – and as we know, beautiful things in the world are those which can only be felt; they are experienced and relished. When you close your eyes and breathe in the feeling or feel the texture, is the moment you know you perceive the living beauty of the world around you. Connected through the same string – any art form is a reflection of a living civilization. Civilization that is creative and own the skills of manifesting that, which is created in her mind. It’s the art form that reflects the momentum of progress and the edge of intellect.

Mayin, was conceived when our founding members, in their search for meaning, visited various alleys of South East Asia, where myriad and diversely talented unsung artists were producing art works. They were churned to see the passion, meaning and energy in each art work that was translated onto a canvas. These translations are not just visual depiction of some fanciful rendition. They stand for stories and verses that life has infused into each passionate artist we have associated with. As we say, each moment is unique and has immense possibilities – so do the artwork of each artists that we have connected with. We not only appreciate art forms but we understand the meaning of art forms. The beauty of a genuine and authentic art is – it is infectious. An art once created, preserves the passion and energy of the artist for eons.

In the usual endeavour to meet the ever increasing pace of life, it’s normal to forego the nuances and beauty that life has to offer. Mayin has been conceived with the vision of bringing life back to “We, the living”. We are here to add the meaning to our lives, to add life to the living. The sole mission of Mayin is to bring art work as close to our lives so that we feel the energy while going through the humdrum affairs.

What you seek is seeking you….and hence, we believe that beautiful experiences should be within the reach of every person who seeks them out. We, at Mayin, bring forth the best and most exclusive renditions of each artist’s journey on the path of sense. Each art work reflects a certain punctuation, certain milestone and certain outflow of passion. At Mayin, you will find stories and not pieces of art; stories that have context in sync with the content. Each art that you find at Mayin, will have a story to tell, a life experience to narrate. They do talk. We invite you to discover the land of Mayin – to find your resonance and sync up with the beautiful event called life.

Welcome aboard! 

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