Mayin Blog #2

We are all a part of a live spectrum – the spectrum that flows through resonance of creativity. While we flow as bubbles through the spectrum, there are few who take a pause, relax and cherish the beauty around. In this pursuit of the beauty, there are few who wish to be a part of the unsaid enigma. That enigma is hard to come by and real aficionados of beauty would know that. To unearth the gems lying under the rubble of noise called social life takes good effort and passion, nonetheless. The only thing that one is sure of, is the desire to be a part of the art that was created by someone who was in absolute resonance with the higher self. The inspiration to create something on a canvas with infinite possibilities is nothing less than the original creation itself. The original creation holds all the infinite narratives of the time – that has happened and that which is to happen. The canvas holds a figment of the creation when the artist attained the resonance. To understand the story, the context and the content of the creation on the canvas is something that Mayin advocates.

At Mayin, each creation is treated as a reflection of resonance, the manifestation of the absolute reality that dawned on the artist to create strokes and sketches. To carve a definitive out of the indefinite; and limit the dance of impossibilities to infiniteness of strokes. We invite you to a journey which we are proud of….we have interacted with the artists who have created these artworks and we believe in transferring the emotions through the medium of canvas, language of strokes and sketches and lens of colours in dance. The journey of an art is what you will be a part of when you give in to the narrative presented by an artist. We hope that you will enjoy the journey more than the punctuations of one artwork and the artwork that you subscribe to, will be the anchor into the realities of each narrative. Mayin stands for the emotions behind each visible stroke of passion. The reality always lies behind the evident – ready to open itself once you reach out. Mayin ushers you into the world of realities that can be created through these strands of perceived narratives.


Mayin salutes the passion and the conviction which fuels the artists we have subscribed to. As we all know, any relation needs to be symbiotic and hence each talented individual sees the appreciation that Mayin brings to them. Appreciation, not in terms of words, awards but in terms of understanding the narrative behind the enigma they create – the intent with which Mayin approaches each artwork in it’s all spirit.

We, at Mayin, understand your passion and nerve towards truly appreciating the narrative which flow through the talented individuals. Mayin vows to help you find what you have been searching for, to truly resonate with you – in totality. We invite you to discover the utopia of beauty which Mayin is trying to put together along with the extremely talented individuals. We understand your urge to connect with the beauty that’s flowing all around us. We respect this urge and expect that we will take it to higher realms once you start your journey with us….

Welcome aboard! 

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