Blooming Budlet

by Shan Re

Acrylic on Canvas
61.00 x 139.00 cm

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Artwork Details

"Nature is a metaphor in Shan Re's paintings, and she works in many layers towards a balanced harmony. As a true artist, she sees life as an abundant opportunity to explore infinite dimensions within herself, constantly striving to explore and expand her boundaries and horizons to understand life with the best perspective. Shan Re's creative energy flows from her psychic depths, untouched by the logical mind.
Colour is the vital force through which Shan Re communicates with her viewers. She creates a sense of bliss with bright colours, displaying a strong statement of positivity, hope and spirituality. Though her language is abstract, the artist hopes that the audience simply fall in love with the visual expression and the healing power of her colour palette. Colour is not just a visual sensation, it is life in changing hues, and multiple layers of life in metaphors."

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