by Sujata Sah Sejekan

Acrylic on Canvas
121.00 x 91.44 cm

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Artwork Details

"The Buddha, after enlightenment, does not only mean Siddhartha Gautama. Buddha is the state of getting united with the cosmos; it is the transformation from being the moon to being the sun, that is, from non-luminous to luminous, from student to teacher, from taker to giver, from follower to leader; it means attaining purity from within; it means being in the
state where you can cleanse your soul and that of others as well; it means being in the state when you can calm the storms in the minds of others.
This painting depicts a typical image of The Buddha in tranquillity, post meditation. He is seen adoring the never ending light of knowledge (Gyan), the Diya that illuminates all his divine teachings. His urn is grown into a many petalled sacred lotus that depicts the depth of knowledge achieved by the mind being connected directly with the cosmos.
The background is dark and is decorated with the motifs of loti and peepal leaves that portray purity, sacredness and divinity.

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