Ekspresi Tari Oleg / Oleg Dance Expression

by I Made Sutarjaya

Acrylic on Canvas
90.00 x 70.00 cm

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Artwork Details

"Oleg means loose and graceful movements, while Tambulilingan means honey sucking beetle. Oleg Tambulilingan dance movements depict the mating dance of two beetles. Oleg Tambulilingan dance, which was originally called Tamulilingan Mangisep Sari, was created by a famous male dancer, Ketut Marya of Tabanan in 1952 at the request of a music presenter, John Coast.
Starting from a love for Balinese culture which proved very captivating, John Coast had a dream of organizing the first post-war Western tour of a troupe of Bali’s finest musicians and dancers. Coast observed several Sekeha Gong performances in Bali who may be interested in being part of the Sekaha Peliatan Gong. In 1952, Coast concluded that Gong Peliatan with drum games and AA Gde Mandera’s expressions made them eligible to appear on the international stage. In the planned trip to Europe, Coast also wanted to showcase a beautiful and romantic dance, in addition to some dances that are often performed.
On the advice of Mandera, Coast then contacted renowned dancer and teacher, I Ketut Marya who was fondly called Mario. Mario, who was then creating a dance, Kebyar Lounge which later became dance Terompong, was willing to join the Gong Peliatan. Coast stimulated Mario’s creativity by showing him a book on classical dance ballet in which there were photographs of the duet ""Sleeping Beauty"" - the love story of Princess Aurora and her lover Prince Charming. Mario was inspired and created the dance Oleg.
Oleg dance was originally called Legong Prembon but Coast was reluctant to use the name ‘Legong Prembon’ as it would be difficult to translate into English. It was then changed to dance Mario Oleg Tamulilingan Sucking Sari and by mutual agreement, finally called Oleg Tamulilingan or ""The Bumblebee Dance"". This dance depicts two beetles, male and female, who are having fun in the garden flowers while sucking honey with the flirtatious male chasing the female from one flower to another. To bring this new dance to life, Mario chose Raka Rasmi as the female dancer and I Sampih of Bongkasa, Badung as the male dancer.
Said Oleg in Balinese language means ""shake"". Due to its bee and garden symbolism the female beetle displays graceful swaying movements as if the trees were blowing in the wind. The graceful dance movements in Oleg are also visible when the dancer keeps alternating with both hands, cross bent across his chest, as he swings to the right and then to the left."

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