Kamdev, Myself & U

by Supriya Polley

Acrylic,Stitch, Bandage Pasted On Canvas
121.92 x 137.16 cm

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Artwork Details

In accordance with the Indian Philosophy of “Sankhya Darshan”, the artist presents the essence of love in different ways, like love between man and nature where nature is conceived of as a female. Another kind of love which has been depicted in these paintings is the intimate relation between man and woman. In this painting, sexual fantasy and sexual attraction comes in different forms. The main subject is sexual provocation that is widely reflected in the present times. We can see items that are very personal being displayed in society by the media. This provokes the people of society and the artist, being a part of society, cannot but help feeling perturbed. Hence, in many of his paintings, the artist presents himself as a narcissist.

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