“Art is an artist own way to express his feelings.”

Maradona (Portrait)

by Somneel Saha

Acrylic on paper
50.80 x 40.64 cm

“Art is an artist own way to express his feelings.”

Artwork Details
This portrait of Diego Armando Maradona was done by the much acclaimed artist Somneel Saha from Kolkata, with acrylic on canvas. The wavy hair has been created with jute. Diego Maradona was a footballer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who played in clubs in Europe and South America. He is amongst the greatest players who have stepped on this planet and thus been given the nickname "El Pibe de oro" meaning "The golden boy". Diego Maradona has been named Argentina's greatest player having won the world cup in 1986. It had been signed by Maradona himself during his historic visit to Kolkata in 2008. Now you have the opportunity to flaunt it and call it "mine". As Mayin extends to you the opportunity to call it "mine".

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