Memories of Childhood 2

by Romicon Revola

30.48 x 30.48 cm

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Artwork Details

This work represents imagery that rose up in my mind when I reflected on the idea of memory and personal history. The memories rose up in fragments; disjointed yet coherent; memories of a childhood spent in the company of my pets; places visited; walk along on the ocean; abstract and often dream-like they are familiar, yet unfamiliar. The butterfly acts as a connecting motif drifting in and out of various memories.

Memories are mental reconstructions of past perceptions. Neuroscientists say that almost all of our memories are distorted in some way. Recalling a particular memory many times makes the memoryless accurate. Every time you pull out a memory from the storehouse in your brain, you put it back a tiny bit different. So, actually, there is no perfect memory. They build on each other creating an interesting amalgam that is part history, part imagination, part dream.

Dim: 12” x 12” x 6” inches

Medium: Painted Fiberglass & stainless steel

Year: 2020

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