Reality or truth #4

by Doni Kabo

Acrylic on paper
150.00 x 130.00 cm

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Artwork Details

This painting titled “Reality or Truth” by artist Doni Kabo is part of a 4-part series that seeks to find the middle ground within the “East Meets West” concept. Asians believe that the Western world has been part of the ontology evolution, which led to the growth of modernism and logic in today’s world, supported by experiences of a human's five senses. As Asians do not want to be left behind, the need to fix the education structure has increased extensively and instincts, intuition and imagination that was present since ancient times have been disregarded. Thus, through his paintings, Kabo seeks to find answers to questions that arise in today's times. Is truth and logic only about the experiences of the five physical senses, like the westerners believe? Will there always be an imaginary line drawn between ontology and mythology? Can both co-exist? Through this art series, Kabo seeks to understand what is truth in today’s world and how truth is conceptualised. A beautiful work created using bold, concrete colours, it is hand painted by the artist using acrylic on canvas. “Reality or Truth” is exclusively available on Mayinart and will require framing for display. Note: This artwork may be a part of a series but in itself it is unlike any other.

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