Stormy Seas Outside

by Aurora Santika

Water colour on Paper
60.00 x 50.00 cm

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Artwork Details

"Stormy Sea Outside, Deep Jungle Inside" portrays the dilemma and irony faced by most women when they reach adulthood. Women in most parts of the world, are expected to ‘settle down’ aka get married soon after their minimum education. Those with supportive families have a second option: to pursue a career and become independant. Neither of these choices are easy. To be married young (sometimes in desperation) is to let oneself be chained in the woods. Yes, you may find food, water and shelter to live comfortably with your spouse. However, your feet are chained and your flight is resricted by family commitments. On the other hand, to pursue a career is to sail on rough seas and face all the uncertainties of the unknown future all alone.

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