The Guardians of Newly Laid Eggs

by Aurora Santika

Acrylic on Canvas
100.00 x 80.00 cm

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Artwork Details

Art is undeniably, an integral part of the culture of any civilisation. In her book, "Problems of Art", Langer criticized society's lack of awareness on the important role art plays in building character with moral values and responsibilities toward the environment. The emotions poured and conveyed through art are not merely accessories of mankind's intellectual properties but are important ingredients that actually make an individual 'human'. The relationship between collectors as art patrons and artists as the creators of art can be seen as symbiotic. This symbiosis is vital, especially for emerging artists for whom lack of resources and absence of public appreciation can threaten their artistic processes. Like a group of koi fish that, with their long age and incredible swimming strength, stand guard and look after the newly laid eggs at the bottom of a pond, passionate art patrons allow young and emerging art creators to survive and grow to the point where they could stand on their own and actually make the world listen to what they have to say through their art.

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