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New Artist Introduction Form
New Artist Introduction Form

At Mayinart, we work with both emerging and established artists, providing an access to the growing online art market and offering other conveniences. We would like to have full-time professional/dedicated artists on our platform. In addition, we would like you to mention details of any of the following features that you may have:

  • Recipient of noteworthy national and international recognition.
  • Degrees from reputable art colleges and universities.
  • Exhibition experience nationally and internationally.
  • Media exposure or having featured in leading art publications.

These achievements are not a prerequisite to be accepted by Mayinart but they are considered an asset and are valued by our curators.

Birth year
Country of Origin
Style of works
Medium of works
More about yourself
When and how were you interested in art in the first place?
Explain your art style, how did you come up with this style? Were there some major changes in your style compare to when you just started in the beginning? What/who influenced you?
What kind of reaction are you expecting from people when they see your artworks?
If you have done commissioned work before, tell us a little bit about it
Your top awards, solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in the last 5 years
When did you decide to become an artist? What was your motivation?
Where did you get inspiration, what kind of message are you trying to say through your artworks?
Which artwork is your ‘masterpiece’? Why?
Anything more you would like to tell us... Any interesting projects, workshops, installations, job, murals etc you do, pls do share.

Pls attach 4-5 of your recent works here with ‘NAME of ARTWORK” and a short ‘ARTWORK DESCRIPTION’

Name of Artwork
Name Description

You can attach your e-portfolio here

Any additional material can be sent to us at [email protected]