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Deddy PAW
Born in 1963
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About the Artist

Deddy PAW is an established artist from Indonesia who started his career as an art journalist for Daily Media Indonesia. Since 2003, his artworks have followed the theme of ‘the enigmatic apple’, based on considerations of its symbolic expressions which provoke concerns, mystery and quandary in the context of human existential dilemmas. The symbolic meaning of apple is associated prominently to love, passion, enjoyment, peace, hope, etc., but diametrically opposite in its interpretations are its aspects of evil, greed and temptation as well.

In his works, apple is not a mere model as is often the case with typical still-life paintings. His apples exemplify the concepts of humanity, philosophies ,teachings, idealisms, hopes or ideals depending on the context of his work.

He has won many art awards and have been recognised in various exhibitions and art shows in Indonesia. He had also participated in Art Fairs and Biennales around the world, in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Laos, Myanmar, South Korea, Taiwan, HK, China, USA, Pakistan, Egypt, and France.

Abstract, Realism
Acrylic, Canvas, Oil
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