Enjoy Life with Grateful Heart

Abstract art by Deddy PAW

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Style : Abstract
Medium : Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension : 80cm x 150cm
Year of Artwork : 2022
Origin : Indonesia
Category : Paintings

Artwork Description

 | The apples in this painting symbolize gratitude, blessings, pleasures, peace, and hope. Meanwhile, the 7 butterflies represent harmony and the beauty of life. This artwork encourages us to always be grateful as an expression of our gratitude to God for the gift of life bestowed upon us. Gratitude can be expressed through words and actions. Those who do not complain when facing life's trials and live with sincerity and open hearts will become beloved by God. Gratitude is a universal teaching found in every religion and belief system, as it is the essence of happiness and faith. Always be grateful for what we have and not envy what others possess. Remember that there are still many people who struggle more than us. While the butterfly is an insect that is identified with beauty, the abstraction of water waves intertwined with the object of the painting symbolizes the dynamics of life that is not always calm, but we must always have self-control which is illustrated by the block line at the bottom of the painting. The equilateral triangle represents the vertical relationship between humans and God and the horizontal relationship between humans, others and with nature.


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Deddy PAW
Deddy PAW
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  • My experience with the MayinArt team was excellent. After getting in touch with them about a specific artwork, they have provided me with further pictures and a video of the artwork, so that I could better appreciate the painting I was interested in. Support was great also during shipment and its tracking. I greatly valued the dedication and professionalism of the MayinArt team, and I fully recommend it for any art lover.
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