Ruchika KC

Born: 8th April 1979


Bachelors in Filmmaking and Animation Punjab Technical University, India 2014
Bachelors in Fine Arts Missouri State University, USA 2004

Style: Contemporary, Figurative

Medium: Acrylic and Oil and Canvas, Acrylic and Charcoal on Paper, mixed media on Flex 

About the Artist:

Ruchika KC is an Indian contemporary artist. She prides herself as a storyteller. She feels an artist can very easily lose oneself in day to day life and in the triviality of the mundane hours. However, every time she gets to take a closer look at the world, the artist in her re-emerges. Her paintings are visual expressions of her emotions where the deep thoughts are brought to prominence through brush strokes. Even the most subtle hesitation or variation in thoughts are imprinted all over the painting. Also, these visuals evolve across a period of time and space. Over the years, she has learned and unlearned a lot about herself, her style, illustration processes, and composition style. In all of her paintings, she has given special emphasis on the composition style; unique juxtapositions of the subjects in specific surroundings has played a significant role in creating her narrative. So far it has been a journey of self-discovery. Also, as a woman she has always been inspired by women-oriented themes. She truly believes that feminine energy is always intuitive and emotional.

Ruchika designs artworks for commissioned projects as well. She is versatile in her craft and has experience in working on different painting media like oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal etc and has experimented in various styles - portraits, abstract, landscapes, murals and so on over the years.

Solo Exhibitions:

2011 KCAC, Kathmandu The Men of God, Solo Exhibition

2010 Pratima Gallery, Bangalore The Men of God, Solo Exhibition

Group Exhibitions:

2017/2015 Urban Solace, Bangalore, Women's day India

2014/2017 NAFA (National Academy of Fine Arts) All Nepali Women Artists, Kathmandu Nepal

2014 Movenpick Hotel, Bangalore The Stree

2012 Sublime Galleria, Bangalore The Creations KCAC

2002 Student Art Gallery, Springfield MO Charcoal

2000 Student Art Gallery, Springfield MO Pencil drawings

In the News: