Shan Re


Selected Group Shows

  • 2018 Collaboration with Aranyani for New York Fashion Week, New York
  • 2018 Kala for vidya , Rotary Club annual show, Taj west end, Bangalore.
  • 2018 Heart to Art, Under the Raintree media, Project EVE, Bangalore
  • 2018 Triptych, Group show , Goa.
  • 2017 Women’s Art festival, Ravindra Kalashetra, Bangalore
  • 2017 Kala for Vidya, Rotary club annual show, Taj Westend, Bangalore
  • 2017 Arts Village, Two Women show on the occasion of International women's day.
  • 2016 Small and beautiful, Art Houz, Bangalore
  • 2016 Heterogenous curated by Art Chutney, Taj Westend, Bangalore
  • 2016 India Art and Gems Fair, Leela palace hotel, Bangalore
  • 2016 Kala for Vidya, charity art show by Rotary club, Taj Westend hotel, Bangalore
  • 2016 Whitefield Art Collective, VR Bengaluru
  • 2015 Anahata 1 – Art Mantram show at Navrathan, Bangalore
  • 2015 Anahata 2 – Art Mantram show at Navrathan, Bangalore
  • 2015 Portals of Perception, Taj Westend Hotel, Bangalore
  • 2015 Reflections, Annual group show by Maadhyam at Amethyst, Chennai
  • 2015 LshVa inaugural art show, LshVa studio, Bangalore
  • 2014 Annual art show, Vinyasa Premier Art Gallery, Chennai
  • 2014 Kala for Vidya, charity art show by Rotary club, TajWestend hotel, Bangalore
  • 2014 Eclectic Exploration, Kalarasa Art House, Bangalore
  • 2014 Women Artists show, Chandigarh University, Chandigarh
  • 2013 Award winners show (won best landscape award), ICAC foundation, Mumbai
  • 2013 Open Studio Sale, Studio Revola, Bangalore
  • 2012 Art show in support of Times Foundation, Galeriede’arts, Bangalore
  • 2011 Art Bengaluru, UB City, Bangalore
  • 2011 Third Eye Art Gallery showcase at Caperberry, Bangalore
  • 2010 Mont Blanc Art Showcase, ITC Royal Gardenia, Bangalore
  • 2010 “Friends of Renaissance Gallerie”, Windsor Manor, Bangalore
  • 2010 Art Bengaluru, Galerie de’Arts, Bangalore
  • 2009 Phantasmagoria, Midsummer Melange, LeelaPalace Hotel, Bangalore
  • 2009 Renaissance Gallerie’s Annual Charity Show, Leela Palace Hotel, Bangalore
  • 2008 Gallery Exotica’s Inaugural Show in support of Charity, Bangalore
  • 2008 Group show organized by C. Krishnaiah Chetty, Hotel Ashok, Bangalore
  • 2008 Concern India Art Show, Bangalore
  • 2007 Auction for Mallige Smile Foundation, LeelaPalace, Bangalore

Selected Solo Shows

  • 2017 Window to Himalayas- Arts village.
  • 2016 Echoes & Whispers, Art Houz Gallery, Bangalore
  • 2015 The Might of a Line; exhibition of free association drawings, Galerie de’Arts, Bangalore
  • 2015 SHE – International Women’s day special – contemporary women’s voices, Galerie de’Arts, Bangalore
  • 2014 Solo show at Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
  • 2014 Solo show at Cocoon gallery, Bangalore
  • 2011 “Unfolding of Self”, 10 year retrospective, Galeriede’Arts, Bangalore
  • 2011 “Eternal Spring”, Arco Iris, Goa
  • 2010 Live Painting at Peroni Art Initiative, Olive Beach, Bangalore
  • 2010 “The Eternal Spring”, Private show at AgarwalResidence, New Delhi
  • 2009 Inaugural show of Galerie de’Arts, Bangalore
  • 2009 Private Show at Franck Barthelemy’s residence, Bangalore
  • 2009 “The Eternal Spring”, Global Tree Café – curated by “Art Buddy”, Bangalore
  • 2008 “Iconography”, Time & Space Gallery, Bangalore
  • 2008 “Sepia Moments”, Olive Art Initiative, Bangalore
  • 2007 "Echoes & Whispers" (Drawings & Paintings), Alliance Francaise de Bangalore

About the Artist:

Shan Re known as a contemporary modernist is a dynamic and prolific artist and seen actively involved in many fundraising art shows & auctions. She mesmerizes the audience with her spontaneous live painting in various occasions. The intensity and frequency of her creative output is enormous. Shan Re lives and works in Bangalore, India. Her works are in prominent public and private collections. They have been exhibited in several group and solo shows in India and abroad.

Shan's magical color palette is one of the defining features of her work. Shan says, “Color is the silent and dynamic visual language through which I communicate with my viewer. I choose my Color based on resonance not based on reasoning. Color appeals to me in the highest possible way. Color is the flow of my energy and emotion. . Color is a therapy to me crawls deeply into the corners of my soul and slowly it heals and elevates my mood... Color has a healing magic and touches my heart, impacts my nerves.”

Her paintings are all about undying positive energy and intense harmony....a deep engagement with her life. It is an insight into the hidden sounds her soul. In spite of all the challenges in her life, Shan remains unaffected and engrossed in her creative pursuit which gave her courage to face the pain, confront the core issues and move forward with a greater understanding. Shan’s work gives the viewer the revitalizing sense of peace and a refreshing escape into pure color.

Her present series, Window to Himalayas is a window to the higher states of consciousness; A window to the world of mystery, beauty, hope and silence. “Nature is just a metaphor in my art works....nature has a power to renew, refresh and heal herself so I identify myself with nature and I feel that an eternal optimist like me is a human personification of spring,” says the artist.

Each painting of Shan can be considered as a complete poem in itself and it appears to be a sudden capture of a fleeting moment. Shan's paintings are lyrical reflections of her subconscious thoughts, feelings, fantasies, hopes and memories. Shan says, "My vibrational psychic energy is incredibly powerful and a vital force in my creative process. It is an endless flow of irresistible creative force untouched by logical mind"

Shan's free association drawings are strong and powerful. Shan says, "I believe that ‘automatic’ drawing is one of the simplest psychic phenomena and it reveals volumes about my mood and personality. Automatic drawing is a kind of yoga for me. It is the key to becoming centered, whole and flexible. Regular yoga practice loosens up the body and relaxes the mind and spirit. Drawing does the same for me. It is both relaxing and freeing. It is the direct way to the centre of the self and helps me make all my creative work from the centre. I believe that this process helps me for my evolution as an artist in a natural way, true to myself.”

“When I am in the process I feel a great sense of synchronistic flow and purpose as lines evolve in a more fluid and effortless manner. I allow my emotional energy to move through my body into my arm and on to the paper. Straight lines go too quickly to appreciate the pleasure of the journey. To make the line more meaningful I make the line move freely without a goal and curves create a beauty to it. A line is not a boundary, but energy and growth. It is literally a moment and change.”

It is spontaneous, logically unconstrained association of ideas, emotions, and feelings. Free association is an interesting technique used to solve innermost conflicts and contradictions. It's a commonly associated with Sigmund Freud. The goal is not primarily to uncover hidden memories, but to identify genuine thoughts and feelings about life situations to help retrain your brain with positive thinking to create the life you want.