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Shan Re
Born in 1960
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About the Artist

Shan Re is a leading contemporary Indian artist and the master of abstraction with thought provoking mysterious layers and complex textures. Shan explores unknown and unseen dimensions invoking inexplicable emotions.

Shan’s works are not premeditated. They are bold and spontaneous overflow of powerful thoughts. Having a highly creative mind, Shan has a lot of energy, both physical and psychological. Her creative energy is elusive and hard to describe. It’s a tireless impulse to absorb and discover new things. It’s a drive to create and break boundaries, bring joy and connect to the world.

Her captivating rich abstracts are effortless, meditative in nature.

Her canvas is the reflection of her life and philosophy. Her art is the essence of her experience, not a representation of it. Each of her paintings can be considered as a complete poem in itself and it appears to be a sudden capture of a fleeting moment.

Much like memories, each of her paintings is filled with layer upon layer of paint, building a rich history into each piece. The complex and mysterious layers and textures represent the intensity and depth of her emotions, stream of thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams evoking a sense of peace and delight. She works in many layers towards a balanced harmony.

Her abstract work is the essence of her journey both personal and artistic.

It is an album of memories, perceptions, pleasure and pain captured together from multiple dimensions. It is an interlocking of the various mediums she works with and an evolution of her timeless voyage as a true artist. Although the series reflects her personal philosophy of life, they also indicate the hidden secrets of life cycles, which make them universal in nature. Her art is mainly about repainting life in changing hues, and expressing multiple layers of life in metaphors. It is a silent soliloquy to recapture her subconscious and access higher dimensions of life.

Shan’s artwork is characterized by an innovative and versatile use of colour and texture. She has a marvellous sense of composition and contrast and conveys an exceptional sense of balance and harmony. Spontaneity is a key factor that leads her creative vision.

Her narrative works have an immediate intellectual impact on viewers and stimulate an inner dialogue. These dimensions set her apart in the world of contemporary fine art.

Life is full of mysterious things; the way we think, the way we react, the way we see and perceive things, everything is just so amazing and yet not fully comprehensible at the same time. Shan’s abstract art is the same. All her techniques are accidental. Shan has continuously evolved, experimented and explored all those techniques and mastered them over a period of time.

She uses texture to add depth, mystery and also balance to different areas of her artworks. Sometimes texture is used to give the illusion of depth and making it more complex. The bold and heavy texture is a symbol for resilience.

Colour is her vital force through which she creates her powerful narratives to communicate with her audiences.

Shan says, “Colour in my paintings is not just a visual sensation, it holds stories and talks to you on a deeper level. Colour evokes a psychic vibration in me and unlocks my creative flow. I focus on the process of creation and I never plan my work. It evolves through my intuition. Everything I create comes from a source beyond my conscious awareness. I always try to perceive life beyond logic and I feel that every creative act is a work of magic”.

Shan is a deep thinker, enigmatic and her spiritual exploration reflects in her paintings.

Abstract, Expressionism, Impressionism
Acrylic, Canvas, Paper, Pen & Ink
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