Layered Consciousness #1

Abstract art by Shan Re

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Style : Abstract
Medium : Acrylic On Canvas
Dimension : 92cm x 92cm
Year of Artwork : 2022
Origin : India
Category : Paintings

Artwork Description

"Layered Consciousness" transcends mere art; it extends an invitation to reflect, question, and act. Challenging viewers to confront the intricacies of our world, it maintains hope for positive change. Through the interplay of layered textures, muted colors, and abstract forms, this series provides a unique lens for exploring our environmental responsibilities and our potential to shape a sustainable future. This artistic journey resonates on both intellectual and emotional levels, urging viewers to become stewards of a healthier planet.
 The environmental consciousness conveyed in this collection is not one of despair but of hope, renewal, and awakening. It prompts viewers to recognize their connection to the natural world and consider their role in preserving it. The muted colors in many pieces symbolize a call for restraint, reminding us of the beauty in simplicity and pleading for a reduction in our ecological footprint. The layers in the artwork symbolize the complexity of our environmental challenges, urging viewers to look beyond the surface and recognize the intricate web of life sustaining us all. The artworks don't impose solutions; rather, they encourage viewers to question, explore, and find their path toward ecological sustainability.
 The intentional use of a circular canvas in some artworks symbolizes Earth's embrace. Earth, our home, is not a flat plane but a magnificent sphere cradling all life. This circular canvas visually links to our planet, reminding viewers that the environment is not separate but an integral part of our existence. It invites us to consider the cyclical nature of life, the interconnectedness of all living beings, and the responsibility we hold as stewards of this fragile globe.


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Shan Re
Shan Re

For me art is an attempt to bypass the physical world and discover the boundless energy in the universe. It is a journey into my true authentic self and finding the rhythm of life.

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  • Anna Dix
    “We loved the piece when we saw it at the club, and we continued to come back to it whenever we were there - the colors, the people holding up the mountain, and the ominous clouds above spoke to us. Once we found out the background and meaning behind it, we knew this needed to be the centerpiece of our home. We will cherish this piece for as long as it’s with us!”
    Anna Dix

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