Poetry in Gold 1

Expressionism art by Shan Re

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Style : Expressionism
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension : 51cm x 102cm
Year of Artwork : 2020
Origin : India
Category : Paintings

Artwork Description

As a true artist I see life as an abundant opportunity to explore infinite dimensions
 within myself. For me art is an attempt to bypass the physical world and discover the
 boundless energy within the universe. It is a journey into my true authentic self and
 finding the rhythm of life.
 We all have several energies within us that shape our personal rhythm to achieve
 higher consciousness. I constantly strive to explore and expand my boundaries and
 horizons to understand life with the best perspective.
 My creative energy flows from my psychic depths untouched by the logical mind.
 Colour is my vital force through which I communicate with my viewers.
 I create my own personal colours of bliss with a strong statement of positivity, hope
 and spirituality.
 Even though my language is abstract. I know you will simply fall in love with my
 visual expression and the healing power of my colour palette.
 Colour in my paintings is not just a visual sensation; it is painting life in changing
 hues, and multiple layers of life in metaphors. I work in many layers towards a
 balanced harmony.
 The pure beauty of colours shining through the sky is a reminder that we have these
 radiant colours within us. Every one of us is a ray of light, but sometimes, life gets
 difficult and the light within us diminishes. It is during the times of darkness that we
 need to switch our internal light of rainbow back on.
 Colour is the key that reflects our physical, emotional and spiritual world.
 Specific colours are related to specific aspects of the senses and different colours
 can activate different dimensions within you.
 In this body of work, I am exploring the various philosophical connotations of the
 colour gold. Gold is the symbol of the final manifestation of our inner transformation.
 It is the attainment of perfection of mind, body and spirit.


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Shan Re
Shan Re

For me art is an attempt to bypass the physical world and discover the boundless energy in the universe. It is a journey into my true authentic self and finding the rhythm of life.

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  • Girish Anthur & Sushee Menon
    "The brilliant Sri Pramono’s Reading Nature’s Signs #2 is a complex and meaningful abstract that reminds us of a universal method to every madness. The subtle colors used - a far cry from the hues that usually portray nature - all blend in perfect harmony to indicate a flow that takes in everything, no matter how diverse. Thanks to MayinArt for highlighting the works of such prolific artists."
    Girish Anthur & Sushee Menon

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