Bull Drawing - 655

by Sujith Kumar G.S. Mandya

Pencil and Pastel on Paper
55.00 x 76.00 cm

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Artwork Details

The bull represents an universal image. Its form can be seen and visually perceived since pre-historic times. Puranic literature also illustrates the glory of the bull. We can find the imagery of the bull in the European and Indian context of rock art tradition. We know that the cave paintings were all about ‘sympathetic magic’ (primitive rituals). In the earlier days of ancient ritualistic sensibility the never ending confrontation of ‘man and bull’ continues even today. Through the ages, most of the artists vividly perceived this sensibility. The bulls on these artworks express the inner anguish of the contemporary techno human mind. Here the bull is perceived as the metaphorical aesthetics of an anxious mind. These mysterious paintings are a spectacle of hurt, shock, violence and revolting bull’s artistry and symbolism. The focused image of ‘THE BULL’ that sparks in this painting absorbed the human characteristics surrealistically.

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