Girls with Blank Stare 1

by Ruchika KC

Acrylic on Canvas
152.40 x 152.40 cm

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Artwork Details

"Girls with Blank Stares
I like to tell stories through certain gazes which at first can be mistaken for blankness or shallowness. In fact, “blank stares” are always underrated and misunderstood. One can tell beautiful stories through those. Before telling those stories one has to understand those gazes, become those gazes, live in those gazes and ultimately come out of it. They are always trying to put across their stories; wanting, waiting and needing to be heard. And yet they seldom succeed at the first attempt. Those are not loud and direct. Instead are subdued and can be inconsistent at times. Always being able to express in bits and pieces only. It's not a weakness! Rather, it’s about constant struggle, persistence and in the end triumph. One would need lots of patience, understanding and benevolence to extract stories out of these gazes. The stories in turn would have depth as deep as life itself. It’s beautiful."

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