Rebuilding Lives - Tribute to Migrant Workers 8

by Shan Re

Acrylic on Canvas
30.48 x 30.45 cm

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Artwork Details

"I am transforming this period of isolation, uncertainty and unpredictability into powerful narratives with my own artistic vocabulary.
Sudden lockdown hit the migrants’ laborers in India very badly. The echo of migrants touched my core. I started visualizing their plight and endless journey towards their villages. I have tried to capture their emotions with my artistic vision, to show my solidarity. They were left with no option and forced to trek hundreds of miles with no food and sleep. They want to feel secure and comfortable in their sheltered homes. A home I believe is not the structure you build but the womb you long to belong. It is not easy to rebuild their lives and rehabilitate themselves.
Here in most of these ART WORKS I have used FOOT PRINTS as a symbol to show their strength and determination to reach their homes without food and sleep."

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