The Study on Falling

by Ruchika KC

Charcoal On Paper
91.44 x 71.12 cm

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Artwork Details

"There's a complete set of internal dialogues that take place before the act of falling. At which specific moment the monologue changes to a dialogue. Here, monologues can be a set of thoughts whereas dialogues are those subtle sensations which come from the subconscious and attributes in the decision-making process. The instant when the monologue becomes a dialogue is very shaded and interesting; almost comparable to that particular time in a day when the evening turns to night or the night to the morning. That specific instant of change is unnoticeable but yes, if tried, can be monitored. For me those are distinctive, assertive, overpowering and extremely important because it hallmarks the transition of evening to night, morning to afternoon or transition of a monologue to a dialogue.
The effort here is to understand the voluntary, conscious decision-making effort behind ""the Fall"". The plunge into the unknown which for now can be termed as pitch black. After all, its the unknown. The Falling also symbolises the practice of letting go. It is done at a much deeper level, in a much conscious state, and voluntarily. The letting go of what we've held back, our perceptions, our thought processes, the willingness to be stripped naked of even our individuality if or when required. It's that determination to plunge into uncertainty and remain there dangling in space.

This painting is about the moment right before the actual fall. It's more about conscious decision making, monologues changing to dialogues, free will and self-reliance. The study on Falling is an inner search, a very conscious effort to understand the self, a psychological approach to comprehend the dialogues which the subconscious puts forth in a very subdued, almost inaudible manner and yet assertively because it aids in the decision-making process. To me ""the fall"" appears to be leaning more towards free will and much against destiny or circumstances forced upon decisions. If that's the case then definitely it has more chances to come onshore as ""the rise"" of the subconsciousness."

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