Surrealism Art Explained In Fewer Than 200 Words

Surrealism Art movement – the vivid portrayal of art meets life. It brings alive what lies buried in the deepest recesses of the unconscious mind.

The eclectic brush-strokes that contrasts vivid images of fantasy with the cold of reality serve as almost visual puns or metaphors that lie open to interpretation. In sum, Surrealism is about techniques to fool the eye. The viewer is often spellbound, lost in delight and translation of the unnerving collage of images that beg for attention to every detail.

To the novice’s untrained eye, this art movement could almost be a child-like expression of distorted figures and shapes – yet to the art loverSurrealism represents the exploration of the irrational that often comes out in a montage of the unrealistic images collated together to form a story.

Coined from the French Super-realism by Apollinaire, Surrealism art movement has two distinct trends - Biomorphic (or, abstract) and Figurative. Pioneered by Chirico, Figurative art form had used techniques of realism to render startling, hallucinatory scenes. Biomorphic (abstract) surrealists wanted to break entirely free from convention. They explored new media and created abstract works composed of undefined, often unrecognizable, shapes and symbols.

MayinArt proudly platforms some of the modern Surrealist works by artists across the globe. The paintings capture the free spirit of imagination, as the mind’s eye roves free of the shackles of 3D reality. All the art-works beckon to the viewer, to explore a world beyond the immediate reality and join in the magic of each form in each tale in all its details. Rather like a reader enthralled by Alice in her adventures.

The expression of Surrealism in pop art form has been best expressed by Abhijit Paul – a North Kolkata artist – who derives inspiration from the urban landscape, the daily grind of an everyday life, the ordinariness of human beings and their many relations. His interpretation of life finds a canvas through pops of colour over which he blends the travesties of life and the mind-meanderings.

Urban Landscape
by Abhijit Paul

Ratri Devi - the Night Goddess
by Abhijit Paul

        Bayu Asmoro’s style is more expressive and expansive. Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch, Bayu’s art is at once abstract as real – drawing the viewer into the vortex of the message. His broad brush-strokes paint out contradictory elements of nature – moving from order to chaos and from harmony to slight anarchy, as he brings to life human objects with slight deformities.

Dissolved #5
by Bayu Asmoro

The Gift (Meaning Series)
by Bayu Asmoro

        Harun’s work is contemporary and more free-spirited, challenging the structure of an establishment with each art-work. His work is a satire to the superficiality that adorns most lives, as he scoffs at the shallowness of a materialistic world. He is best known for art-work with human figures sans a head or a face but through the protagonist’s movements, the deep cynicism of the world is evident.

This is Me
by Harun

        Rudragaud from Bangalore uses his work as a voice of concern. He is alarmed by the lack of attention given to the major issues crippling the nation today – which he spectacularly brings out in his series of experiments with canvas size, frames, paper or cloth: it’s not a perfect world after all! His quirk has left art lovers in smiles and awe at his unique style.

The Morning Music
by Rudragaud L Indi


        Reza Pratisca Hasibuan a young, budding artist from Bali, represents the rich culture and historical heritage of Indonesia with here work in Surrealism.

The Gift
by Reza Pratisca Hasibuan

The Precious Gold
by Reza Pratisca Hasibuan


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