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Ataraxia Art Exhibition
Ataraxia Art Exhibition
Ataraxia is a sense of balance and calm, especially in times of uncertainty and crisis. In ancient times, Ataraxia was often used to describe the ideal state of mind of a soldier going into battle.
Kartika Affandi Catalogue
Kartika Affandi Catalogue
Kartika took to the streets of Singapore in February 2020 in her self defined style of creating powerful works in spontaneous public settings.
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My experience with the MayinArt team was excellent. After getting in touch with them about a specific artwork, they have provided me with further pictures and a video of the artwork, so that I could better appreciate the painting I was interested in. Support was great also during shipment and its tracking. I greatly valued the dedication and professionalism of the MayinArt team, and I fully recommend it for any art lover.
Giorgio Bergamini
Basel, Switzerland
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