How to Style a Large Living Room

Living room is unquestionably the heart of every home. It is the backdrop for all great gatherings and conversations. They come in all sizes and shapes; some too snug, some with challenging nooks and crannies and some with copious space. As much as it is lucky to find yourself with a large living room, the design dilemmas that come with unlimited possibilities can be daunting. 


When we start designing a large living room, as much as the goal is to make the space cozy and warm, we all take pride in making it look gorgeous and in some ways groundbreaking. Strategic arrangement of furniture, creating zones with rugs or wall paints, innovative lighting and window dressings all add to how the room comes together. But in my opinion, nothing can equal the uniqueness and the much needed idiosyncrasy that an original artwork can bring to your room.


Here are some tips on how to use art to transform your large living room


  • Create a Focal point: This serves as the cornerstone of your living room design. A large painting or wall sculpture is a great way to create a focal point in a big room. Pay attention to how traffic flows through the room and design your focal point accordingly. Orient the main seating piece towards the focal point and arrange the secondary seating pieces around the main piece. 
Intuition #1 by I Wayan Arnata
  • Play with colours: Artworks and the pop of colour it brings to the walls is an incredibly easy way to influence the perceived space in a room. Intense colours appear to come forward and lighter colours appear to create a backdrop. 60-30-10 is a timeless decorating rule that can help you put a colour scheme together easily. This concept is incredibly easy to use and can be a life saver when choosing art, furniture, soft furnishings or wall paints for a room. Also feel free to get creative, and do a 110 percent if you love an artwork with more colours. 

The City of Tomorrow by Ulil GamaMeditation #1 by Andi SulesKiss Me by Giring Prihatyasono

  • Divide and Conquer: If you have divided your large living space into zones, you could either create symmetry with two similar artworks or create contrast with very different styles, colours or sizes of works. 


Full Moon by Sri PramonoFull Moon on Top of a Mountain by Sri Pramono



Personal Space by Hono Sun, Back to Nature by Sabar Jambul


  • Experiment with Bright, bold, geometric: With larger spaces, you can keep your furnishing in neutral tones and play around with bright and bold colours in your artworks without the art overpowering the space. Geometric works bring a sense of un-clutter and form to the space. Some geometrics can be very meditative as well.

Crossing Boundaries by Fery Eka Chandra


  • Add wall Sculptures : wall hung sculptures always grabs attention due to its dramatic 3D presence. 

Stardust & Windsong by Romicon Revola


  • Add a contrasting piece  : You can make a room playful by introducing a whimsical pattern layering of wallpaper with artwork.

Vintage 2 by Shrea Ghosh

Marlyn City by Abhijit Paul


  • Create a gallery wall, Mix and match frame styles, Play with a series to create a narrative.

Arts by Fatoni Makturodi and Dodi Irwandi 


Arts by Venugopal V.G

  • Batik Tapestry can introduce texture, pattern and a bit of cultural history to your room.

Hence, there are essentially no rules when it comes to adding a beautiful piece of original artwork to your room. The uniqueness it bring to any space is irreplaceable and conspicuous. I hope we have triggered your creativity and helped you break down some of your design dilemmas and our Collections can be a good place to start.

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