Evolution of Realism


Realism in art originated in the mid-nineteenth century as an artistic movement characterized by themes.

painted from everyday life in a naturalistic manner with no exaggeration or embellishment; however, the term has evolved in modern times to describe any artwork painted with sharp realistic imagery, almost as good as a photograph.


After Playing (Studying)
by Sabar Jambul

by Manan Kumar Ray

Mighty Stone
by Sriyadi Srinthil


Breakfast In Autumn
by Sriyadi Srinthil


The Heir
by Sriyadi Srinthil


Early 1900’s saw the advent of modern art and with the development of abstraction in modern art, realism paintings and sculptures also saw a shift in visual description. While it retained the detailed and focused subject matters as in classic realism, it did not necessarily show gritty depictions of everyday life. ‘Abstract Realism’ sounds like an oxymoron, but is a very popular style of art that combines the abstract art elements like patterns, colours, texture and line with realistic art elements like figurative images to create an abstract impression of real life. Abstract realism art is still in vogue with art collectors around the world.

The Study on Falling
by Ruchika KC


by Sabar Jambul


Having Fun
by Sabar Jambul


Existency #3
by Agus Putu Suyadnya


Unspoken Feelings
by M Ihsan


bird series(3)
by Sriyadi Srinthil


Later, With the advent of surrealism, magic realism became yet another popular style. The term magic realism was invented by German photographer, art historian and art critic Franz Roh in 1925 to describe modern realist paintings with fantasy or dream-like subjects.

by Harun


The Story Behind A History
by Harun


Irony in the Nest
by Mulyo Gunarso


The Gift
by Reza Pratisca Hasibuan


by Yurnalis Bes


Wild Nature
by Suryadi Suyamtina


In the late 1960’s, Photorealism emerged in Europe and the USA, characterised by its meticulous detail and precision to create pictures that looked photographic. Photorealism, also known as Hyperrealism or Super realism, had artists reproducing photographs as realistically as possible on their canvases. While the photorealistic works are carefully delineated to suggest that it is accurate, since the works relied on photographs, the works remained distanced from reality factually and metaphorically; quite contrary to still life realism or classic realism.

Water is getting less
by Husin


My canvas is blooming
by Husin



by Rashmi Soni


Give me love and peace
by Agus Putu Suyadnya


Peace #2
by Husin

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